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Laptop Repair Encino by My Fave Tech is Now announcing our computer repair laptop services to all laptop brands. From Apple, Toshiba, Hp, Dell, Fujitsu, Msi, Asus Among others, we have most computer parts ready to install from laptop screens to a simple laptop key. Our laptop fees start at $25 dollars for at the spot laptop repair and up.

We save you time and money on you laptop repair

All our laptop repair in Encino California are performed at the shop. From a hard drive replacement to a complex motherboard level repair.

Some of the laptop repair issue we can fix:

*The laptop is completely dead even if you push the power button.

*The laptop seems to be working but the screen doesn’t turn on

*The laptop shuts off after a couple of minutes

* The laptop overheats a lot

*There are lines on the laptop screen

*No wifi, no sound or the usbs don’t work

*Water Damage

*We can also resolve any virus infection, or corrupted operating system




Remember to take the full attention to your computer laptop problem since this can be a sign of a mayor damage on the system. Best option overall unplug the power and take the battery out and bring it to us. Remember we offer free diagnostic, there is not reason why you shouldn’t come to us or be better get a second opinion.